Saturday, October 19, 2013

October 2013 BarkBox Review

We received our October BarkBox today!  Reviews of the current and/or previous months can be read HERE.

The Goods

Fetch and Glow Ball Approximate retail value $6.99.  How fun!!  This is a large glow in the dark ball that feels quite durable.  It is large enough that I won't worry about my dogs choking on it, and it glows in the dark for nighttime play.  A toy I will put to good use!

Baker's Best Autumn Harvest Dog Treats.  Unknown value.  Canadian made crunchy dog treats with excellent, simple ingredients, including goat liver, pumpkin, and dried cranberries.  I feel this is an excellent product, and am very happy to have received it.  Neeko and Bruce readily ate their treats when offered, while silly Faolan scent-rolled on his and then walked away.  His loss, I say.

Etta Says Crunchy Rabbit Chew Dog Treat Approximate retail value $1.25.  We have received various products from this company in the past, most recently in our September BarkBox, and they have always been a hit.  I am sure this will be no different.  I will probably offer this to Faolan, as Neeko and Bruce have strangely refused raw rabbit when offered to them in the past.

West Paw Zogoflex Bumi Approximate retail value $10.99.  I have seen these toys at PSP in the past, and have wondered about them.  I am excited to have received it, but am unsure about how well it will hold up to my three toy destroyers.  It is a fun, flexible rubber toy that floats.  It can be bent, twisted, tossed into water, etc.  I am sure it is wonderful for less-aggressive chewers.  I might go out on a limb and offer it to them, in a supervised situation.

Fruitables Halloween Share Pack.  Approximate retail value $3.99.  Suck a stinking cute idea!!!  I LOVE this!!  A pack of eight 0.5 ounce packs of various Fruitable treats, meant to be handed out to dogs who show up with their children while trick or treating.  CLEVER!!  We don't receive many dogs trick or treating, but I will be sharing some of these with friends and family, but keeping a couple of packages for ourselves.

I REALLY like this month's BarkBox.  The treats are great, the toys are wonderful, and the rabbit crunchy stick is sure to be a big hit. 

To try BarkBox for yourself, and receive $5 off your subscription, click HERE.

 Disclaimer-I am a BarkBox subscriber.  I am not affiliated with BarkBox, nor was I asked to do these reviews.  All opinions are strictly my own. 


  1. What do you think about this BarkBox compared to the previous months? I'm posting my box soon too but wasn't as impressed with this box

  2. I've considered the Bark Box, but it would only please one of our three dogs. Blue would love the toys and the treats. Rodrigo would destroy the toys. Sydney is only interested in treats.

  3. Oooh, that's a FABulous box!! every single one of those is great! I've never had Rabbit, butts I thinks I would loves it!! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  4. This looks like a great box. We can't wait to get ours!

  5. Arf Hi! Danielle R. here from BarkBox... glad you ruved your October BarkBox! We love the halloween themed treats! Surprisingly the Bumi is pretty durable, I have a heavy chewer myself and it has lasted pretty well the last couple of days!
    Thanks for the RUV!
    Kind woofs and belly rubs to you and your pack!

  6. We let our large shepherd/retriever mix play with the bumi - the tug-o-war was ON with my parents' equally large goldendoodle. They played with it all day and the toy looks no worse for the wear!

  7. I've never seen a Bumi before. Interesting... I guess it's for playing tug!

  8. West Paw toys have a one time guarantee, if your dog chews it up, you can return it with a receipt and get a free replacement.

  9. There is a great new one out there called PoochPax at

  10. Why would you say it's a "great one" when it's not even been launched? Guess it's someone from the company itself - promoting itself. Guess so since "Jwest" offered the project to copy websites from "An example site would be or" at $25/hour:

  11. I have a year long subscription and I change the size every other month so my 10lb peke and 80lb husky each get a both. Every month was way too much for just the one dog since their sizes are so incompatible for the items we were receiving. Once I figured out that I can change my account monthly everyone is happier :)

  12. Have you looked into They offer pre-selected box selection which you can see what you receive each month. They are also month to month for billing starting at $19.95 for S/M dogs & $24.95 for LG/XL dogs. Pretty cool that you get to select your own box rather then get some mystery box!

  13. I found a great coupon for Barkbox!
    Coupon: BESTBARK

    1 month FREE with order! (2 months for $29!)


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