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 About Me

Hi, and thanks for stopping by. My name is Rebekah, and I am a 30-something Registered Nurse, and the proud caretaker of three rotten dogs, whom I am committed to providing the best, most natural life possible to. 

We live on a seven acre hobby farm in central Indiana, and are blessed with some beautiful scenery.  Along with Neeko, Bruce, and Faolan, I have chickens, guinea fowl, two cats, and will someday hopefully have a few goats.

The Dogs

Neeko was my first rotten dog.  In May of 2010, there was a post on my then company's private online employee bulletin board, offering puppies, from an "oops" litter, free to a good home.  Les, and I went "just to look" and were overwhelmed by puppy cuteness.  We brought Neeko home that night, and she was about seven or eight weeks old.

We adopted Bruce from a local rescue group in April of 2011, when he was 1.5 years old.

We adopted Faolan from a local shelter in July of 2012, and he was guesstimated at about nine months old at that time.

I started this blog to be almost a diary of sorts about my dogs, a place I could spam with pictures.  I also used it as a raw feeding pictorial diary.  It has evolved since then, and continues to do so.  

"My Rotten Dogs"

The name just came to me.  My grandmother is from the south, and I frequently heard her say, "Oh you are just so rotten, let me hug that neck" as a child.  It was a term of endearment, affection.  Meaning that although her many grandchildren were ornery and made mistakes at times, she was able to find humor in it, and probably loved them even more because of it.  In no way do I intend for the name to come across as insulting, offensive, or insensitive.

Contact Me

I am open to and willing to work with and build relationships with companies and brands whose ideas and products fit in with how I care for my dogs.  I can be reached via email at contact@MyRottenDogs.com or by using the contact form in the right side bar.


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  2. Hi Rebekah,

    I was just curious about "My Rotten Dogs," and now I already know what it is. I sense that you also love pets and animals just like I do. Aside from my 2 Red Dogs, I also have horses and chickens.

    I am following your articles, please keep on writing.


    2 Red Dogs

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