Monday, March 17, 2014

Raw Feeding Resources

how to feed raw meat to a dog

As many know, I feed a prey model raw diet.  I have had several friends ask me where they can find information about feeding raw, and the various types of raw.  I have compiled a list of books, blogs, and links that I both enjoy and feel would be helpful to those interested in raw.

I regularly blog about raw.  The following links are within my own blog.

Raw Meals-I take a cell phone picture of nearly all of my dogs' meals, and do a weekly post chronicling  what they ate for the week.

Raw Prep-some of these posts are also weekly meal posts, but include information on how I prep and/or portion meat to feed it to my dogs.

Raw Meat Sources and Scores are posts about sourcing raw meat for raw feeding dogs.

How **I** Feed Raw

Other blogs and blog posts with information about raw feeding

Follow the links, but do a bit of exploring around these blogs.  They are all worth it!

That Mutt has several informative posts about raw feeding.
Queen's Pits is a blog I recently started following, and this blogger feeds PMR to five dogs.

Keep the Tail Wagging is another blog with several posts about raw feeding.
The House of Two Bows follows Bowpi and Bowdu, and includes information on feeding a raw diet.


These are all books I have read, and feel provide good information, though not necessarily true PMR books.  I am a fan of all forms of raw, but choose to feed my dogs Prey Model Raw.

Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs: The Definitive Guide to Homemade Meals by Lew Olson.

Give Your Dog a Bone: The Practical Commonsense Way to Feed Dogs for a Long Healthy Life by Ian Billinghurst.

Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats by Richard Pitcairn.

Work Wonders: Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones by Tom Lonsdale.

Other Websites

These are all websites that I feel provide good information in regards to feeding a raw diet.

Dogs Naturally Magazine is a print magazine (that I used to subscribe to, and should renew) with articles available online.  There are a few that I frequently refer people to.
Raw Learning contains a very large amount of information, compiled by Jane Anderson.

Dog Food Chat is a forum with several various canine discussion topics.  Their raw forum is where I garnered much of my information initially.  Though not nearly as active as it once was, there is lots of wonderful information to be found in old threads.

Raw Feeding Friends is my probably my favorite raw feeding Facebook group.  It has a few thousand members, is active, friendly and well-moderated.  They allow all styles of raw feeders, and those who are thinking of raw, to join.

That is my list of some of my favorite raw feeding resources.  If anyone has anything I might like to check out, please let me know!


  1. Thanks for the info! I would be very interested in trying raw (and may do it when my parents start their farm and I can be 100% sure of what exactly is in the meat), but it's so difficult to get it balanced for the smaller dogs. :/

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    2. It is actually MUCH easier to balance meals for small dogs than you think! I've been feeding my two miniature dachshunds raw for almost a year now and they're getting right at 5-6oz. per day. For example, a single bone-in chicken leg quarter can make up to four meals per dog when supplemented with just a little organ meat. Just make sure you've got a good set of kitchen shears, a cleaver, or a mezzaluna blade to help you cut through those bones.

  2. Thanks for the mention. I'm going to do the A-Z challenge - all raw, all April - and plan to add your blog to B (books and blogs).

    We found a local co-op and a butcher who will hook us up at an affordable price. I'm so excited to get our budget back down to a reasonable amount.

  3. This is so amazing! I started feeding raw 15 years ago and almost none of these resources existed. What a wonderful revolution! One that saved my dog going through chemo's life (that is when our vet recommended raw... I firmly believe he would not have beat that cancer without raw food!!!) I am so glad there are now so many resources and options for people making the right choice for their dogs health and longevity!

  4. That is a lot of good information there. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Great info! Thanks for sharing!

    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!


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