Thursday, January 2, 2014

Recent Raw Meals and Prep (with a score!)

Chicken leg quarter, lamb liver.

Pork shoulder.

Lamb heart.

More pork shoulder.

Chicken leg quarter, chicken liver.

Goat ribs, venison, lamb spleen.

Dark pic, venison loin.

Weighing out ground venison from Raw Paws.

A hunter friend called me with three deer carcasses. The prime cuts had been removed.

The only venison bones I am comfortable feeding are ribs and breast bones, but there was still plenty of meat to cut off the quarters.

I ended up with three hearts, three livers, 45 lbs of boneless meat, and multiple meal-sized slabs of ribs. We used a sawz-all to cut up the ribs.

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  1. Wow! What a score on the venison.

    I'm excited that we're switching from Darwin's Pets to making it at home, so I've been stalking these posts to get ideas of what to feed to our dogs.

  2. Love reading your posts. Each one pushes me a little closer. Happy New Year!

  3. Man, I'd love to come over to yours for tea! Happy New Year!


  4. My three have gone crazy for the ground venison from raw paws! Love how it is a chunkier ground. I may buy some more for next month.

  5. Venison... I'm probably never gonna have those in my life. That chicken made me hungry.

    Oh, I wanted to greet you a Happy New Year and Belated Merry Christmas.

  6. I've never fed raw. And I'm a little scared about the bones because Honey had surgery to remove a sqeaky swallowed as a puppy. But a friend gave me whole guinea hen and it's sitting in my freezer. I'll watch your posts with interest. Maybe it will get me to thaw out the guinea hen. I'm sure Honey would love it.

  7. Congrats on the score! The dogs will be very happy. :)


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