Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wordless Wednesday - Priority Mail

ordering baby chicks by mail

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Cooking With My Dogs' Food - Rosemary Roasted Quail

As described in my beef heart recipe I have decided that the dogs should share their food with me. The majority of the food I buy them is for human consumption, so why not.

Quail is a source of protein variety for my dogs. I don't feed it to them all that often, as they are small, bony, and pricey. But if my dogs can eat this delicacy, then why can't I?


  • Quail. Count on at least two quail per person, as they are quite small. The quail I purchase are in packs of six.
  • One stick butter.
  • Fresh (or dried) rosemary, to taste.
  • Salt and pepper to taste. 


Preheat oven to 500 degrees and line the bottom of a roasting pan with aluminum foil.

Melt the butter in a bowl. Mix with rosemary, salt, and pepper. 

Individually toss each quail in the butter mixture.

quail recipe, roasted quail

Place the quail, breast up, on the roasting pan.

Roast for 20 minutes.

Tossing the quail in butter imparts a little moisture in these lean birds, and makes the skin a nice, crisp brown. They have their own flavor, and the rosemary, salt and pepper compliment it. Being small, they cook quickly and can handle the high heat well.

These are fun to eat. My dinner companion called them "Barbie chickens." I laughed, because it almost felt like we were eating toy food.

This was a tasty, quick, easy meal, and pairs well with just about any side dish. Big thanks to my dogs for sharing their food with me, yet again.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Bruce-3, Everyone Else-0

I feel that I do a pretty good job of educating people that interact with my dogs. People think that I tend to exaggerate about Bruce, but really I don't.

He has no shame. He gives zero f***s.

There is someone in my life who is in the process of forming close bonds with my dogs. This has been accomplished with time, patience, consistency, and LOTS of bully sticks.

They love him. They sing for him, and look for him.

He has recently started feeding the dogs off the back deck on occasion. Only when it is large chunks of meat.

He and I had plans for an outdoor concert yesterday evening, and I was going to feed the dogs before we left. They were having chicken leg quarters. Each dog was to receive one quarter, and each quarter probably weighed between 1 and 1.5 lbs. The quarters were already thawed in a large Ziploc bag, ready to go.

He took the bag of chicken, along with some treats, onto the back deck. The dogs were already outside. He handed out the treats, which the dogs happily took.

He was getting ready to feed them the chicken, and he held the bag out for Bruce to sniff. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. I was like "NOOOOOO......."

In a split second, Bruce grabbed the bag and took it from him. He looked at me, somewhat dumbfounded. I couldn't help but let out a laugh.

Once Bruce has something, there is no getting it back from him.

He ran inside, ripped open the bag, and gorged himself on about 4 lbs of chicken.

Neeko and Faolan had the good sense not to pester him. But we now had no dinner for them. Bruce didn't realize (or didn't care) that the contents of the bag were meant to feed all three dogs.

Fortunately, I keep individually frozen whole sardines. He fed several of them to Neeko and Faolan, along with some Stella & Chewy's freeze-dried raw, while Bruce chomped down on 3 chicken quarters.

Once he finished, I recovered what I believe to be most of the Ziploc bag.

No real harm and a lesson learned. Zero f***s given, story of his life. Dammit, Bruce.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Rewarding Behaviors with #StellaandChewys

It's no secret that I am a fan of Stella & Chewy's raw food. My dogs are as well. While I haven't personally tasted it, it's apparently delicious.

So much so that my dogs are willing to work for it.

Stella & Chewy's freeze-dried raw makes a great reward or training treat!

I admit, I regularly bribe my dogs for good or desired behaviors, or for doing "tricks" that I want them to do. They typically comply, but the reward has to be worth it in their opinions at times. Stella & Chewy's is nearly always worth it to them.

My Rotten Dogs are Stella & Chewy's ambassadors. We are compensated to help spread the word about Stella & Chewy's, but all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

I am not a trainer, nor do I claim or desire to be one. But my dogs all know several behaviors and/or tricks, and I encouraged them to learn them with tasty goodies.

I haven't taught any new tricks or behaviors recently, with the exception of teaching Faolan to "crawl." However, we still do regular sessions of their known tricks and behaviors, to keep them sharp.

When I do these outdoors, there are distractions. My chickens, other birds and critters, each other my neighbors tractor, lawnmower, golfcart, etc. So have to have something very high value to keep their attention.

Stella & Chewy's is just that to them-high value.

Notice how intently (for the most part) are paying attention to me? I believe it's because of the pieces of Stella & Chewy's I was holding. Faolan in particular wanted MY attention and the treats, and was being pretty demanding (but still cute) by barking at me.

It's quite easy to use the food as treats. Though it is freeze-dried, it is not super crumbly. The patties easily break into smaller pieces to be used as treats.

My dogs definitely go nuts for these, and are willing to work. I need to put my thinking cap on, and come up with new tricks and behaviors to teach them using these as a reward.

Do you have any trick suggestions for me?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Stella & Chewy's. The opinions and text are all mine.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Embark DNA Testing a Suspected Wolfdog From a Shelter

Order an Embark DNA test by clicking HERE.

When I adopted Faolan from a local shelter five years ago, he was officially adopted out as a "husky mix." Turns out, that is true. But there are a few other breeds present in him as well.

Faolan was an owner surrender to the shelter, and they seemed to think I was going to be his third owner. The person who surrendered him gave a story that suggested they may have gotten him from out of state. The shelter staff guessed him at approximately 9 months old in July of 2012. They thought he was neutered, turns out his testicles just hadn't descended yet. One small one popped up (or popped down?) a couple of weeks after I adopted him, and he was neutered shortly after that.

A few years back, I did an earlier version of Wisdom Panel on Faolan, and I wasn't terribly impressed with the results. So I decided to do an an Embark DNA test on him.

Not only does Embark have an extensive database to test for various dog breeds, they also test for 160 genetic diseases, all of which Faolan is clear of.

Faolan came back with five breeds present, and nothing was supermutt or too mixed to tell.

Monday, July 24, 2017

My Rotten Cats: Fresh Step Febreze Freshness Extreme #ChewyInfluencer

I'm not terribly picky when it comes to my cats' litter. My main criteria is that it clump hard, and be something my cats will willingly use. Though I have been loyal to the same litter for over a year now, and was loyal to another brand for 10 years prior to that. (Now I feel old!)

So I was perfectly fine with trying a new brand, courtesy of our friends at They sent the girls a box of Fresh Step Extreme to try out.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

July 2017 BarkBox Review

I am a BarkBox subscriber. I am not asked nor encouraged to review BarkBox. All opinions are my own.

What's in a barkbox

What's in a BarkBox? I used to reviews monthly of the BarkBoxes that my dogs received. (They get more mail than I do.) I stopped because I felt the quality had dropped, and I just wasn't excited about them. This month was the best BarkBox we have received in a while, so I decided it was worth posting about.

This month's theme is "A Lick in Wonderland" and the items seem to place on an Alice in Wonderland type theme.