Thursday, October 20, 2016

My Rotten Cats: Kong Naturals Cat Scratcher #ChewyInfluencer

I am a huge advocate of not declawing cats. I feel it is cruel, painful, unnecessary, and a form of mutilation. Needless to say, neither of my girls are declawed.

Providing appropriate surfaces for cats to scratch not only saves your furniture, but also provides interactive engagement for the kitties.

My friends at sent the girls a KONG Naturals Cat Scratcher to indulge their scratching needs.

Cats love to stretch, and the incline of this makes it perfect for a stretch and scratch. The scratch surface is double sided, so it can be flipped over/refreshed. The small cutouts give access to a dangly toy, which my girls are enjoying playing with.

Another great thing about this scratcher is that KONG includes a packet of their premium catnip with it. My girls LOVE catnip, and I always giggle watching them with it. Most cats find it enticing, which encourages the use of items for appropriate scratching.

I am tickled to have a photo of the elusive Noelle with her claws sunk into the scratcher.

My own (minor) complaint is that it is so lightweight that Juice was able to easily move it when rubbing on it. This problem could easily be solved by placing something heavy in the base via the cutouts on the side.

I find it to be a convenient, inexpensive way to allow cats to indulge harmlessly in a natural need. Cats need to scratch, and this suits that need with ease. Myself and my kitties are happy with it.

I was provided with complimentary product. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My "Shelter Special"

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

As I've recounted many times, Faolan was adopted over four years ago from a local shelter. Everywhere he goes, people are drawn to him, because of his personality and appearance. He is quite a unique looking dog. Not quite German Shepherd-ish, not quite Husky-ish. The two most common questions I hear from folks about him are "What is he?" and "Where did you get him?"  I answer both questions with one answer, which most people love.

"He is a Shelter Special."

I love giving people this answer. Although I did a Wisdom Panel on him, the results were fairly inconclusive, indicating some German Shepherd and some Malamute. So I honestly don't know what he is. I do know he is unique, beautiful, and from a shelter.

While I am not at all opposed to responsible breeding, I am a huge advocate of adoption. There are countless sweet, unique, and beautiful dogs to be found in shelters and rescue. You don't know until you go.

Puppies, young dogs, middle aged dogs, and old dogs are available at shelters. Purebred and Heinz 57 mutts. Tiny, massive, and all sizes in between.

By adopting a shelter dog, you can see the laughter and joy on strangers' faces when you tell them your dog is a "shelter special."

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Monday, October 10, 2016

Protein Allergies are No Problem with Stella & Chewy's

Did you know that beef and chicken are among the top food allergies for dogs?

Whether one feeds kibble, raw, homemade, or a combination of the three, avoiding chicken and beef can be difficult.

Stella & Chewy's offers a variety of dinners that do not contain chicken or beef, and many of them are single source protein.