Wednesday, August 26, 2015

(Not really) Wordless Wednesday

Monday, August 24, 2015

Raw-Fed Dog Poop. What's "Normal?"

raw dog poop, what does raw fed dog poop look like

I have a confession to make.

I am a reformed member of the "Poop Police."

I used to obsess over the quality and quantity of my dogs' poops.  Part of it stemmed from the multitude of GI issues that Neeko had as a puppy, and some of it was because I was not a confident raw feeder, and was worried that I was constantly doing something wrong with my dogs' diet.

Kibble-fed dogs typically have poops that are the same size and consistency, because they eat the exact same thing, day in and day out.  Most raw fed dogs are offered a variety of foods, and their poops will reflect this.

I no longer obsess over dog poop.

In fact, I don't even regularly check it.  I notice it when scooping, and can usually tell which meal caused that poop.

ONE liquid poop is NOT diarrhea.  A mushy poop is not a problem.  (unless it's in the house...)  A one time gelatinous poop is not cause for concern.  The GI tract produces mucus if something irritates it, like a twig.  I'm looking at you, Bruce.

Raw-fed dogs can have black, brown, tan, grey, and white poops, along with every color in between. They are all "normal" except bright red blood red poop.  They can be hard, firm, soft, mushy or liquid.  Just like humans.

In the beginning...

Raw feeding is kind of scary.  Most groups "teach" people to be weary of digestive upset and explosive poops when transitioning a dog to a raw diet from a kibble-based diet.  This creates diligent members of the "Poop Police."  This is not necessarily a bad thing, as some dogs do have some GI issues during the initial transition phase.  All dogs are different.

I have read of raw fed dogs who have explosive diarrhea if they eat a single bite of kibble.  Raw feeding has made my dogs have incredibly healthy guts that can tolerate anything.  Faolan ate over a pound of grain-free cat kibble last week, without a single ill effect.

Bottom line.

Variation in poop color and consistency is perfectly normal and to be expected, unless the dog is eating the exact same thing, day in and day out.  Unless a dog cannot control their bowel movements, has several liquid stools, or is passing bright red blood, try not to over think or over-complicate things.

WARNING-poop pictures after the break!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

August 2015 BarkBox Review

We received our August BarkBox earlier this week.  Reviews of previous and/or current BarkBoxes can be read HERE.

This month's theme is "Block Pawty."

The Goods

Healthy Dogma Bacon Barkers. Approximate retail value $4.75.  Small biscuit type treats.  Relatively simple ingredients, and corn, wheat, soy and yeast-free.  I know for a fact that Bruce will love these!

SodaPup Toy.  Approximate retail value $12.99.  KONG like toy made in the USA of natural rubber.  Medium size opening on bottom, small opening on top.  Cute, and who cannot use another treat dispensing toy?

Bocce's Bakery Chicken Biscuits.  Approximate retail value $10.30.  Four(!!) ingredients in these treats!  We have received products from this company in the past, and they have always gone over well.  I am sure these will be no exception.

Butcher's Block Steer Stick.  Approximate retail value $3.00.  I am not quite sure this was a "true" bully stick.  It was not the normal shape, and did not last nearly as long as a bully stick typically does.  Faolan certainly enjoyed it, though.  I am always happy with dehydrated chews.

Melon Collie Watermelon Toy.  Approximate retail value $11.00.  Cute toy that fits in with the summertime theme.  As with nearly every other plush/stuffed toy, this is not durable enough for my dogs, as Neeko has already demonstrated.  She carefully dissected it, and removed the largest squeaker I have seen from within it.  But she enjoyed doing so.  This makes me think of Smashing Pumpkins.  I really hope someone gets that reference.

I am pleased with this month's BarkBox.  One thing I have noticed is that most all the treats recently have been biscuits, when my particular dogs seem to prefer moist or dehydrated meat treats.  Just a commentary, not a complaint.  

I am a BarkBox subscriber.  I am not asked to review BarkBox.  This post contains affiliate links.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Recent Raw Meals

After the break is a sampling of my dogs' meals over the last couple weeks.  My dogs eat twice daily, with breakfast typically being a smaller meal.  They eat the same foods with the same portion sizes most of the time.

I feed mostly prey model raw, and throw in some dehydrated/freeze-dried and commercial frozen raw on occasion.

Click HERE for more examples of raw meals.

Check out the tabs under the header for more information on raw feeding.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Eight Photos of Happiness

I was challenged by Dachshund Nola to share eight photos of happiness in my life.  Here they are, in no particular order.

Faolan.  This turd brings so much joy to my life, in so many
ways.  He has changed my life, both directly and indirectly,
in ways that I cannot even begin to describe.

Swimming with my girl.  This picture makes me smile just
looking at it.

A photo posted by Rebekah (@rebekah_lw) on

I love the flower, the light. Happiness.

Bruce brings me happiness, in his own way.  Christmas is 
exceptionally happy for me.

My sleek black kitty, Noelle.  Her personality, though shy, is

A photo posted by Rebekah (@rebekah_lw) on

Coffee. And Neeko. Enough said.

Snow.  I live for Winter.

Three forms of happiness here.  My girl, Fall, and my free-
range chickens.

There are many, many more things that make me happy, but these best fit with the theme of my site.  This was fun, and thought-provoking at the same time.

What makes you happy?

Monday, August 17, 2015

August 2015 Pet Gift Box and Coupon Code

We received our August Pet Gift Box last week, always an exciting day.  Reviews of current and/or previous Pet Gift Boxes can be read HERE.

I am a huge fan of Pet Gift Box.  It is affordable, with plans starting at $17.99 per month, fun, and a great way to be introduced to new, high quality products.

Use coupon code myrottendogs  to save 25% off your first box.

This month's theme is Dog Days of Summer.

The Goods

Lifeguard Beach Toy.  Unknown retail value.  Cute toy that can be used in a variety of ways.  It floats and squeaks, and could easily be used as a tug toy.  While I have not tried it out, I feel it could be tossed like a flying disk as well.

Fou-Stick Protect.  Approximate retail value $12.60.  We have received this product in the past, and I was pleased.  It looks like a giant tube of chapstick.  Intended for use on paws, nose, and skin, to protect and soothe.  Contains simple, natural ingredients-beeswax, coconut oil, mango seed butter, castor seed oil, apricot kernel oil.  I would use this product on my body, and am happy to have received.

Puppy Scoops Maple Bacon Ice Cream.  Approximate retail value $6.99.  I. Love. This.  I have already made it up, and so do the dogs.  Simply add water, mix, and freeze.  Made with lactose-free whole milk as not to cause GI upset.  I may have tasted it, and it may have been tasty...

Foufit Popsicle Dog Toy.  Unknown retail value.  Made by the same company as the Fou Stick.  Cute, plush toy that looks a creamsicle.  Yum.  While very cute, it is not durable enough for my particular dogs.  This will be gifted or donated.

Puppy Chillerz Gelatin Dog Treats.  Approximate retail value $4.99.  I am very excited about this.  Jello treats for dogs, made with limited ingredients.  Simply add hot water and refrigerate.  Gelatin is good for both humans and dogs, for joint, hair, and skin health.  I cannot wait to make these.  

I am loving this month's Pet Gift Box!  Particularly the "treats" that came in it.  This is the main thing I love about Pet Gift Box, being introduced to new products.  

I was provided with complimentary product.  Pet Gift Box is not responsible for the content of this post.