Thursday, August 25, 2016

Scent Rolling Like a Boss...or a Wolfdog

Wolves and dogs scent roll for a variety of reasons.  Some speculate is to camouflage their own scent with the scent of something else. In the case of wolves, this could be done so that prey would not smell them, but whatever they had rolled on.  It is also speculated that scent rolling is a territorial/owning behavior, in that they are claiming whatever it is they are rolling on by placing their own scent on it.

Faolan loves to scent roll.  On anything and everything it seems.  I can see him doing it for both reasons listed above. He loves to rub on me, no matter what I smell like.  I think it is his way of claiming me.  My reasoning for this is that he also demonstrates some minor resource guarding behaviors of me around other dogs on occasion, such as body blocking and vocalizing.

Examples of things Faolan scent rolls on/in: new stinky treats, new non stinky treats, fabric softener sheets, soap, hair product, Pledge furniture polish, other cleaning products, dirty clothes, poop of various species of animals, various foodstuffs, me, shoes, etc. Basically, if something has a scent at all, Faolan will attempt to scent roll on it.

Seeing as how it is one of his favorite activities, here is a brief pictorial primer on to appropriately scent roll like a boss...or wolfdog.

Detect unusual scent.

Choose a side to start with.  Believe it or not, a pattern is typically followed when scent rolling.  It involves leaning over and starting with one side of the face. Then the body flops down and wiggles until that side of the body is sufficiently covered with said scent.  Stand up, switch sides, repeat.

The sillier the faces made, the better.

Stand up, sniff area to see if any other interesting scents exist.

Repeat the process.

Finish with a delightful chin rub.

There you have it.  Faolan's method for scent rolling like a boss...or a wolfdog.

Do your dogs ever scent roll? What are their favorite scents?

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Black & White Sunday

I have my camera back.

I love Faolan's profile.  The sharpness of his snout.  The smooth line from his nose to his ears, without much of a bump/stop.  His eyeliner.  His angled, almond-shaped eyes. His black lips.  His whiskers.

I could go on and on about the physical features of the little boy.

What do you love about your dog's face?

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

I am not a fan of August.  Heat and humidity are high.  I am ready for fall and winter, sweaters, boots, crisp air, and snow.  For whatever reason, this time of year is referred to as the "dog days of summer."  Cutely enough, the shelter I adopted Faolan from has a fundraiser each year with the same name, which I will be volunteering at next weekend.

Given that it is hot and humid out, I am wishing for some snow.  It could arrive in as early 2.5 months here, and I would welcome it.  Because I am craving some cold weather, I am sharing some snow shots of my dogs.

How are you handling the dog days of summer?  Are you looking forward to winter like we are?

Monday, August 1, 2016

July 2016 Expenses

It's August, and officially the Dog Days of Summer.  Heat and humidity creep up, and I look forward to fall and winter, and my dogs do as well.

I have calculated my expenses from the previous month, and they are as follows.

July 2016 Expenses

Food - $156.42
Health - $24.16

Total - $180.58

A nice inexpensive month.  The health cost was Bruce's omnipresent prescription cost.  In the food category, I purchased some "dog food" from a local butcher for about $30 for 30 lbs.  A couple of weeks ago I purchased 55 lbs of beef hearts, 15 lbs of pork hearts, and 40 lbs of chicken backs.  Also included in the food costs is 70 lbs of turkey, which I have paid for, but will not pick up until this week.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Black & White Sunday

My camera is repairable. It is currently in the safe hands of an expert, and will hopefully be back in mine in the next few days.  So here is a photo of Bruce from a few weeks ago, as he is the reason my camera is in need of repair. Jerk.