Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Free Meat!!

The "network" I work for has an online bulletin board/classifieds, accessible by employees only. A couple of weeks ago, I posted asking for freezer burnt meat, but didn't get any hits. Yesterday, one of the ladies I work with (the same one who found the post for Neeko's litter) pointed out a post to me. It was titled "To the person looking for meat for their dogs."
It was an employee who works north, who saw my post a couple of weeks ago, and had some meat for me. I contacted her immediately.
I just picked up over 20 lbs of ground venison and over 20 lbs of venison roasts, all frozen solid! It was free, save the cost in gas for a 50 mile round trip, which was, at most, $8. 40 lbs of grass-fed, free range, high Omega 3 goodness for $8!!!!

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