Thursday, August 9, 2012

Apologies and update

I haven't posted in a while. Partly due to laziness, partly because I have a new addition who has been keeping me busy.


Faolan is a lower mid content wolfdog whom we rescued on 7/5/12 from Greenfield-Hancock Animal Management. We were told he was about 9 months old, though he may be younger. We will recognize his birthday as 10/5/11. WD's are typically released to rescue only.

He is a very sweet boy, but ornery when he wants to be. He is almost fully recovered from his neuter last week, and we will be working on his training and socialization.

He is much smaller than Neeko and Bruce, in weight, length and height. I feel he has Husky and GSD him.

Neeko and Bruce are doing better than I hoped with him.

He is currently eating half raw/half kibble, as I need to put some weight on him. He took the raw amazingly.

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