Friday, October 5, 2012

Meat Orders

I just placed an order with both my coOp and my favorite farmer. Shown are screen shots of my email orders. I'm most excited about the beef snouts, duck breast, and turkey feet. I'm noticing that meat prices are going up.


  1. In comparison, my order for this month:

    9 lbs beef heart $13.50 (3 whole hearts, approx 3lbs each)
    10 lbs beef tripe $16.50
    20 lbs ground pork mix $35.00 (has veggies, organs, eggs, some bone)
    5 lbs ground turkey mix $9.75
    5 lbs ground whitefish $9.25

    40 lbs turkey leg quarters $32.00
    30 lbs duck frames $25.50

    Looks like your raw suppliers are pretty comparable to mine, if not a bit better.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I'm always interested in what others who feed raw order and pay for their meats. I would love to get turkey leg quarters, especially at that price. I can get unenhanced chicken leg quarters at a local grocery for $0.59 per pound, so I buy 20 pounds every couple weeks. I'm also slightly jealous of your whitefish price.

  2. The turkey leg quarters were an accident. I ordered chicken leg quarters, got home, opened the case and was like ... "Those are some BIIIIIG chickens." Normally I don't buy the ground meat in the same type of protein as my RMBs, so if I'm feeding chicken leg quarters, I don't buy ground chicken, for instance.


Thanks for the howls!!