Sunday, November 25, 2012

Score!!! And Other Stuff

I got an email Wednesday regarding a Craigslist ad I placed a couple weeks ago, and met up with the gentleman today. I came with about 80 lbs of beautiful meat!

Approximately 30 lbs of venison. All loin, roasts, backstrap and one heart. Hello free range, organic goodness.

Approximately 45 lbs beef. All steaks, roasts, and a couple packages stew meat. I'm guessing he purchased half a steer, or something similar, and didn't eat it all. It's dated last year.

One package fish.

Two rabbits. Neeko and Bruce have refused to eat rabbit on four occasions, so I will offer these to Faolan. Tomorrow evening is a bone-in meal, so he will get one then.

For breakfast, they all had beef heart.

For dinner, they had turkey hearts, goat trachea/esophagus, and goat testicle.

An interesting shot of one of Neeko's pieces. Yes, that is goat fur on it. I believe this is a trachea, and those are the vocal cords.

"No, I haven't been digging. Why do you ask?" She was so busted.

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