Thursday, November 22, 2012


I'm thankful to have brought home Neeko at about 7-8 weeks old as the first dog who was truly mine. We experienced a puppy who has grown into an amazing dog. I swear sometimes she knows what I want of her before I ask her. I trust her. She listens, yet has an independent/stubborn streak that showcases how intelligent she is. She is rock solid and calm in almost all situations. I'm thankful for her full body wag and the way she sings to greet me.

Oh Bruce. I'm thankful for how far this boy has come. I'm thankful to him for teaching me how to love, forgive, and be patient. He has also taught me how kindness and consistency are important to dogs. I'm thankful for his siren howl, his happy howl, and how he talks. I love that he just wants to be near us. I'm thankful the rescue allowed us to adopt him, because I feel very few other owners would have put forth the effort necessary to make him the wonderful boy he is at home.

I'm thankful for how Faolan makes me laugh, every day. His expressions, antics, and fearlessness are hilarious. I'm thankful for being able to rescue him. He has also taught me patience, but in a different way than Bruce. He is incredibly sweet, and very human submissive. He's just a little wild. I'm thankful for his cuteness, and how quickly he learns.

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