Monday, November 19, 2012

Today's Agenda

We have had no accidents in the house in over 48 hours, and no urgent pleas to go outside in almost as long. Saturday night all three had pumpkin and yogurt for dinner, with the same for breakfast yesterday morning. They all had chicken quarters only for dinner last night. I will give chicken quarters for dinner tonight. This morning, they each had a small amount of beef heart.

Later this morning, I'm meeting up with a friend of mine, to share some deer neck. She started as a Facebook friend, but has become a real life friend. She lives in my town, is around my age, and owns Wolfdogs. We met via Facebook Wolfdog groups. She owns a high content and three low contents. Hoping to get some pictures to share.

This afternoon, OH and I might be looking at a house with a realtor. We looked at it on our own (it's vacant), and the first things I thought of was the dogs. It's nearly six acres, with a two acre pond. Hoping to get pictures of it as well.
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