Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Meat Orders

I will be picking up orders soon form both my coOp, Raw Paws, and my favorite farmer. I didn't order a huge amount this month, thanks in part to my recent score. I also hope to check out a possible free source in the near future.

Screen shot of my coOp order

The beef tongue is a very good price for what it is. I like the lamb kidneys, they are already the perfect portion size. Some tripe, just because they love it. The lamb hearts are a little over my $2.00 per pound boneless meat budget, but I'm a sucker for lamb.

Screen shot of my order with my favorite farmer.

A little beef, mostly pork. I haven't been able to get pork hearts in a couple months, and it's a great price. The lungs are an awesome price, even though I still have 10 lbs of beef lung in my freezer to break down. Lungs are technically an organ, but when feeding Prey Model Raw they are fed as meat.
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