Friday, February 15, 2013

February RawPaws Pickup

Last night was the pickup for our coOp, Les drove me to pick up the meat, as I was still somewhat distraught over the Bruce situation.

I didn't order a huge amount this month.

I did purchase another 40 lb case of the boneless turkey breast chunks. All three woofers eat them with no issues, and the price is awesome.

I immediately placed the case in our back tub, to start the thawing process.

10 lbs of beef heart.

Three-two lb rolls of Blue Ridge Beef ground green tripe.

Two packages goat tongue. I would guess each package weighed about one lb.

Two packages beef kidney.

One package pork spleen.

One package (2 lbs) beef thymus.

I have plenty of "other" organs to last me a while, between these and the spleen I picked up from Rodney. I do need to get some liver, perhaps from Saraga or My Pet Carnivore.
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