Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Meal Pictures

Some recent meals.

Pork heart, beef kidney, Seameal meatball.

Chicken leg quarter, beef liver, coconut oil.

Beef (or pork) lung, Seameal meatball.

Chicken quarter, duck hearts, beef liver.

Beef trachea.

Beef heart, coconut oil.

Beef heart.

Frozen ground beef patties.

Ground beef patty, duck hearts.

Turkey breast chunks, goat heart.

Green tripe, pork heart, beef kidney, Seameal meatball.

Blue Ridge Beef ground venison.

Beef heart, egg, Seameal meatball.

Beef heart.

Turkey breast chunks, beef heart, beef kidney.

Pork heart chunks, duck hearts.

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  1. Love the pictures. You feed a lot of red meat! Awesome! Your food looks so nice.


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