Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Random Recap

Today was my weekday off, and as is typical, I stayed pretty busy.

We have attempted to trim Faolan's nails at home, and he becomes a brat. Snarling, jerking, biting at the clippers. Very unlike him. I emailed a local groomer, described his behavior, and she said to bring him in.

She was very nice, but he pulled his usual antics, and wound up muzzled. He bucked, squirmed and kicked. She managed to trim and/or dremel all his nails.

I earned a pretty scratch on my upper arm from said nails.

Afterwards he and I went to PetsMart, where he got to say hi to and get loving from several people, which he loves.

We then hit up DQ, and he had a Pup Cup.

He quite enjoyed his ice cream.

I returned him home, where Neeko and Bruce worked us both over with their noses to see where we had been.

I ran some human errands, including grocery shopping. I always look at the "quick sale" meat, but rarely find anything affordable.

Today I found three packages of chicken hearts and gizzards marked down to $1 per lb. That's a good price for boneless meat, so I picked up all three packages.

I have been contemplating buying a second freezer for a while, preferably a small chest. When Rodney told Les he might switch his Indy deliveries to every other month I realized I needed to find one.

I found a 5.2 cf on Craigslist for $50, so Les and I picked it up this evening. It was being used in a small restaurant, so there are a few dings/scuffs/smudges on the outside. The inside is spotless, having only ever been used for ice. The trio had to check it out, and Faolan scent-rolled on it.

Finally, just a few pictures from today of my beloved dogs.

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  1. Yep I know what the nail trimming is all about and I DO NOT like it one bit! Last time it took 4 (all be it very nice) people to hold me while they TRIED to trim my nails. I did not bite or scratch anyone, but I did buck and squirm. And tossed the humans off me. They just could not get it done.

    1. Goose you seem so calm and collected that I'm a little surprised! :-)

  2. Beamer's pretty good about getting his nails trimmed. I've done them myself since he was 3 months old. If you look at his pictures, you'll notice that his nails are always trimmed short. I'm a little OCD with him to say the least.

    Do chicken hearts and gizzards count as meat or offal in the raw diet? I've been looking for my guys. My family bought a second fridge, but it's for human food, not dog food, lol.

    1. While they are technically both organs, hearts and gizzards are considered meat in the raw diet.

  3. OMD! I'm goin' into the vetties TODAY to get my 'talons' trimmed! Ma has tried to do it, butts just like Faolan, I kick and mouth and do everythings I can think of to escape! So Ma finally gave up and justs takes me to the vettie and let them do it...I am very cooperative with THEM! hehehe
    I hopes I get some ice cream!! *hint, hint*


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