Friday, April 12, 2013

Raw Paws (RPI) CoOp Pick Up

Last night I picked up my April order from Raw Paws.

Nearly 9 lbs pork tongue.

Lamb kidneys.

Duck feet.

10 lbs beef cheek meat.

The lamb kidneys were not frozen, so I placed them on a lined cookie sheet to be individually frozen last night.

I did the same with some beef liver that I already had and had set out to thaw.

Tonight I individually froze the duck feet. There was a few tips in the bag as well. Not all the duck feet fit on the sheet, so I placed them in a small bag to go in the freezer.

I portioned out the pork tongues as well.

Tomorrow morning Les will be picking up my order from Rodney, because I'm a
suckernice person who agreed to work for someone at 6 AM on a Saturday morning.
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