Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Warning!!  Graphic photos after the break!

I had yesterday off work. Yesterday morning, I received a phone call from the shelter we adopted Faolan from.  It's technically county animal management, and they are responsible for road kill.  They were called on a road kill deer.  She was barely alive when they found her, so they quickly ended her pain, and loaded her into the truck. They were asking if I would like it.  I got busy, finding someone to process her for me.  I lucked out there, and met a WONDERFUL family by doing so.  I picked up the doe, and drove about 30 miles south of my home to their small farm, road kill permit in hand for their benefit.  The father and adult son processed her while I watched and chatted with them.  They couldn't have been nicer.  I netted over 90 pounds of meat!  Red, organic, high Omega-3 goodness!!

Warning!  Graphic processing pictures!  You've been warned.

I arrived at this wonderful family's home, following the easy directions.  I'm familiar with the area, as its just south of where I grew up.  The father and son quickly unloaded her from the back of the truck, and worked as a team to hang her in the barn.

 The way these two worked together was quite impressive, as they have been doing it all their life.  The son stated he has eaten beef probably less than five times in the last year.  They gave me fresh tea, and showed me their seed starts for various vegetables they had growing in their kitchen under special lights.

They quickly had her skinned, and split her abdomen.  Her stomach had ruptured when she was struck, so some partially digested food was visible.  Both gentleman were initially concerned with me watching, but quickly realized I found it interesting, and explained everything to me.  They pointed out her full bladder, and said that during hunting season they would save the doe urine.  They asked which organs I would like, and separated the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys for me.

 While gutting her, the father stated that I might want to step out for a couple minutes, as he did not want me to get upset or sick.  I assured him I was ok, but it was for a particular reason.

The doe had been pregnant, with twins.  These men very gently, and respectfully, handled the baby deer, which very much impressed me.  The gently set them aside, and were digging a hole in which to bury them as I left.  I think that spoke volumes of their character.  Two grown men who hunt for food, and have all their lives, being choked up by the loss of the babies.  We were all silent for several moments.  I hope no one is offended by this picture, but the beauty of them is amazing.  They are perfect creatures of God, still approximately six weeks from birth.

They quickly quartered her, and began cutting meat from the bones.  They knew this was for dog food, but explained to me what they would be doing differently for humans.  They told me the ribs and brisket bones were soft, so I had them leave the meat on them and cut them into pieces.  They showed me what is the sweet loin, the backstrap, and hams.

I loved watching this father and son work together, and the mutual respect they had for one another.  They were incredibly kind, and hospitable, as was the mother.  They invited me down for a mushroom hunting party and cookout.

I am saddened by the death of the doe and her babies, but the meat will go to use, and the babies were shown respect.  I made some wonderful friends, who didn't find it crazy that I feed my dogs raw meat.  It was a learning experience, and I'm very grateful for it.


  1. Wow, that is so awesome, the whole experience. Those are the kind of hunters whom I respect, and I wish more of them were out there.

    That really sucks about the babies. I can understand why the guys were upset upon discovering them.

    What did they do with the hide? Did they keep it to tan?

  2. wow! this is awesome. sad for the doe, but hey, at least good meat didn't go to waste

  3. Yes, so very sad for the doe and her babies. But it would be a shame to waste that good meat. We don't eat raw here but we do hear good things about it.

    Thanks for all your visits to our blog.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Yummy deer! :)

    Just be sure not to post this on dogster as they censored the last person who posted a whole deer.. haha and the picture didn't even show any organs just the deer.

    So sorry about the twins. Must been sad.

    I bet the dogs will love the nice healthy meat. Saya and Bella has had some deer from stuff my dad gotten from friend hunter and some deer from someone who had extra deer.


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