Thursday, May 2, 2013

Generosity (Score!)

One of my lovely coworkers brought me some freezer burnt meat yesterday. This is the second time this particular nurse has. Thank you, Elizabeth!

A 13 lb turkey.

Two bags of what I believe is beef stew meat.

A nine lb pork roast.

A four lb beef roast.

There was also several packs of bone-in chicken breasts and quarters, totaling nearly 40 lbs of meat!

This weekend, I will be picking up a small gift card to one of her favorite stores to show my appreciation. She could have easily thrown away this meat, but instead lugged it all into work so that my pups can enjoy it. I'm very grateful.
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  1. Wow, you've got some generous friends and lucky dogs!

  2. That is such an awesome free score! That is quite a bit of meat, but I doubt it will last long with your pack. Great friend!

  3. LOL Dang. This is when it's kind of a pity that I have so many vegetarian friends...

  4. Nice score. :)

    I haven't gotten any scores lately freezer still full, but my first score got deer, pork, bit of beef and whole turkey. I go to her place and see two labs ready to greet us.

    I'm like why isn't she giving the meat to her dogs? Ah well Saya and Bella loved the meat so no complaints from me. hehe

    That is very nice of your coworker. :)


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