Thursday, May 16, 2013

May Raw Paws Pick Up

This evening, Les and I picked up our May order from our coOp,  RPI is Indianapolis-based, but now has delivery routes throughout the states surrounding Indiana.

Two approximately three pound packages of lamb heart.


One 40 pound case of boneless turkey breast chunks, already thawing in the back tub.


One eight pound package pork tongue.


One 10 pound package beef liver.



My computer is dumb isn't cooperating, but I also picked up a 30 pound case of turkey hearts and a package of goat lung as a test. 


The goat lung failed my test.  It was $3.00 per package, and weighed 1.5 pounds, so $2.00 per pound.  I was hoping it would average out to be approximately $1.50 per pound, which would be a good price for a source of goat.


All in all, 95 pounds of meat!

It's ridiculous that I have to use my phone to add pics of the other items.

Package of goat lung.

30 pound case of turkey hearts.


  1. Impressive haul! Have you thought of getting a food dehydrator to turn some of that meat into treats? We make dehydrated beef liver, hearts, and chicken breast. The dogs love it!

    1. I have thought of it, just need to do it. You should do a post about temperatures and times, so I can learn. :-)


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