Thursday, June 13, 2013

June Raw Paws Order

Tonight I picked up my May order from Raw Paws.  I didn't order a huge amount of meat, as I picked up large orders from RPI and Rodney last month.

 Approximately nine lbs of pork tongue.  I like these pork tongues, as they are nice size, chewy, and much cheaper than beef tongue.
 Three slabs of goat ribs.  This is not something I will regularly buy (too expensive) but an impulse purchase this month.  It's a source of bone variety.  I will probably cut each slab in half, to use in a total of six meals.  I feel feeding my crew an entire slab each is a recipe for constipation.
 Two packages lamb heart, each nearly three lbs.  These and kidney are about the only lamb I can afford to regularly feed.
 Two rolls of Blue Ridge Beef ground green tripe.  My crew adores tripe!
10 lbs of goat spleen.  A great deal at $0.89 per lb.  I like to offer organ species variety when I am able to, and I couldn't pass this deal up!


  1. Look at all that stuff! Your pups are going to be in doggy heaven at dinner time :)

  2. We don't have goat spleen but we can sometimes get pig heart and a little of some pig lungs (because it's high in uric acid). Then there's meaty bones and grind meat to add flavor to their dog food.

    LOL. Yours is like a 5 star restaurant.

  3. Oh, that looks amazin'!! Very lucky pups!!!

  4. wow~ goat, cow and pork organs here are as expensive as getting meat. Sometimes even the meats are much more affordable than organs..


Thanks for the howls!!