Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Faolan's Wednesday-the vet, a visit to the shelter, and creek stomping

Faolan had his yearly wellness visit this morning.  He goes to a different office than Neeko and Bruce.  When I adopted him last summer, I had to prepay for his rabies vaccination, using one of the vet offices that the shelter had an affiliation with.  I chose the one closest to my home, but still about a 35 minute drive away.  Unbeknownst to both me and the shelter staff, when I adopted Faolan, his testicles had not yet descended, so he was neutered there as well.
This morning we saw Dr. J, one of two vets in the practice.  In the past we have seen Dr. B, but he is off on Wednesdays.  Dr. J was nice, and thorough. 
Faolan received rabies, distemper, and bordatella vaccinations.  He handled them like a champ.  He did demonstrate a bit of anxiety, whining and pacing, but was very well behaved, and super friendly with everyone.
Since we were going to be in the area, I contacted the shelter I adopted him from, asking if it was ok to bring him with me when I swung by to drop off some food for their food pantry, and treats for the shelter dogs.  They were thrilled at the prospect of seeing him.  Steve, our trainer friend, who is affiliated with the shelter, got word that we were going to be there, so he made a point to be there as well. 

 The food, treats, and toy we dropped off at the shelter

Faolan was very well-behaved at the shelter.  Their office is separate from the kennels.  He loved on everyone, and charmed everyone.  Most of the staff knew him from his time there, and were excited to see him.  He was great with visitors and volunteers who stopped in the office.  Linda gave him a pig ear, and he was in heaven. 

Steve arrived about 25 minutes after we did, and Faolan was SO excited to see him.  He tried to crawl in his lap, and licked and nibbled his face. 

I have mentioned it before, but I adore the staff at the shelter we adopted Faolan from. 

We visited with Steve, Linda and other staff for over an hour.  While there, Linda shared some stories and examples of horrible pet owners, and the stories she hears when an animal is being surrendered.  Some made me shake my head in amazement of the ignorance of people.

 Good boy, chilling on the floor of the shelter office

After leaving the shelter, we headed to our favorite park, for some hiking and creek playing.  I was wearing shorts and my Keens, so I got in the water with him.  It was hot today, so the water was nice.

I had him on a 30 foot training leash while playing in the creek.  Several times he was in water deep enough to require actual swimming.  He put his entire head under water on several occasions.  Northern breeds and wolfdogs seem to have a different swimming style than a lab or other retriever.  Labs that I have seen swimming frequently have the front half of their body up out of the water.  My crew's back all remain level, and there swimming appears more effortless, and much more fluid.

Durr face.  I adore this silly, sweet boy

Shake it out!

I made him pose on this fallen tree.  He doesn't look thrilled

We had a great time, and he was thoroughly exhausted, having missed his morning nap.

I snapped this pic right before we left the park.  Two minutes later, he was asleep.

We had a great time on our adventures today.

Unfortunately, I ended up back at the vets' office this evening, because of Faolan...

(Everything is "ok", I will explain tomorrow)


  1. What a score! Yes, I can tell you love the shelter. =)

    Lovely pics. That looks like a great place to explore. The Bows aren't so into wading, but I do enjoy walking alongside bodies of water.

  2. Looks like you and Faolan had a fun day, vet and shots aside! You're very generous to the shelter that you adopted him from, but I don't blame you. I'd give Beamer's shelter everything if I could. I visited twice to drop off treats for their bake/garage sale, but they didn't remember Beamer either times. He wasn't at the shelter long enough.

    I can attest to the lab swimming style. I sometimes think Beamer's going to drown; his butt is so far underwater!


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