Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hiking at Fort Benjamin Harrison-Indy Dog Friendly

Faolan and I met up with my friend Shannon and her dog, Oliver today.  She has seen my many recent posts on Facebook about hiking with Neeko and Faolan, and wanted to do it together.

Shannon is 25 weeks pregnant with she and her husband's first child, but is already a mother to 7 year old Oliver, a Beagle-Basenji mix, and 6 year old Storm, an English Mastiff.

We decided to go to Fort Harrison, an Indiana State Park located on the northeast side of Indianapolis.  It is frequently called "Fort Ben" by locals.  Obviously, it is named for President Benjamin Harrison, and is an Army post that is no longer used as such, but is a very nice park and surrounding area.

The weather today was absolutely perfect for the 7 miles we hiked.  About 70 degrees, with a slight cloud cover.  While completely shaded, I was actually almost chilly.

The pictures are somewhat blurry, as most were taken on the move with my phone.

Part of one the trails we hiked runs adjacent to Fall Creek.  This picture was taken from an observation deck, though we did venture down to water's edge, where Faolan splashed around a bit.

Sweet Oliver

Faolan and Oliver got along well.  Oliver is a nice, mellow guy, who didn't mind Faolan's rude initial greeting-ears and tail up, like a brat.

Shannon was kind enough to snap this picture of Faolan and I.  I am very fortunate that both he and Neeko (and occasionally Bruce) trust me enough to get on things and pose on objects.  He did slip around on this boulder upon getting up, but was able to settle nicely and sit.

 We had a wonderful time with Shannon and Oliver.  Little boy was quite tired and happy to nap once we got home.

Urinalysis Update:  I called the vet's office on our way home, having not heard back from them.  I spoke with a technician, who was surprisingly somewhat short and rude with me.  She simply stated his UA was "fine" and refused to tell me specifics, though I asked twice.  She did state to call if any symptoms return.  He has not had an accident in the house since Saturday, which is when he finished his antibiotics.  So I am hopeful it was an atypical UTI, that is now cleared up and we can move on.


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  2. I am so sorry the vet tech was rude to you. Never be afraid to ask for the vet and ask questions. I think asking questions has helped my dogs so much.
    The hike looks great, mom has not even taken us near the woods becasue even on preventative the ticks are out of controll. Last time she and dad spent 2 hrs picking ticks off of us

    urban hounds

  3. What a beautiful day for a fun hike in such a nice park! We bet the humans and pups had a great time together,

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Oh, Oliver is such a CUTIE!!! No, no, NOT as cute as YOU Faolan!!!BOL
    Butts I do loves the pic!!! So cute!!!
    Oh, I hate it when the vet peeps are rude!! Well, maybe they were havin' a bad day. It can happen. Just be glad it was 'good' news!
    Ruby ♥

  5. I always like the end of the leash pics! :)

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