Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Recent Raw Meals-Raw Dog Food Recipes

This week I have decided to give a bit more information regarding my dogs' various meals, as opposed to just sharing pictures and stating what the particular items are.

See How I Feed Raw for more information about percentages and weights, etc. 

I feed PMR (Prey Model Raw) which roughly equates to feeding 80% meaty meat, 10% edible bone, and 10% organ, with half of that being liver.  Heart and lungs are fed as meaty meat, and organs include liver, kidney, spleen, brain, thymus, etc.  I aim for balance over time, not daily.  Typically, if one balanced out what I feed over any given two day period, it would equal out to the 80-10-10 ratio.

As previously mentioned, chicken leg quarters are my most readily available, affordable source of bone.  When I can, I also feed various ribs, turkey necks and feet, duck necks, backs and feet, and chicken feet as sources of bone.

Each of my three woofers eats roughly 2 pounds daily, divided into two meals, with breakfast being a smaller meal.  The orange liquid seen in some photos is Grizzly Wild Pollock Oil.

Day one breakfast-goat green tripe.
Green tripe is the unwashed stomach of ruminant animals.  I purchased this tripe from the coOp I belong to, Raw Paws.  Pictured here is approximately a 10 ounce piece of tripe.

Day one dinner-beef heart, lamb spleen.
Approximately 16 ounce chunk of beef heart, and two lamb spleens totaling about 4 ounces.
Totals for Day One-26 ounces meaty meat, 4 ounces (other) organ.

Day two breakfast (not pictured)-pork heart.
I think I had to be at work at 0600 that morning, and OH fed the crew.  An average pork heart for us weighs about 8 ounces.

Day two dinner-chicken leg quarter, beef liver.
Approximately 20 ounce chicken leg quarter, and about 4 ounces beef liver.  A chicken leg quarter with a back portion is approximately 35-40% bone, depending on where one reads their information.  I will use 40% for ease of mathematics.
Totals for Day Two-8 ounces edible bone (20 ounces x 0.4), 12 ounces meaty meat, 4 ounces liver.

Totals for Days One and Two-62 ounces total fed.  46 ounces meaty meat, 8 ounces edible bone, 8 ounces organ.  This breaks down to 74% meaty meat, 13% bone, and 13% organ for this two day period.

Day three breakfast (not pictured)-once again, I had to be at work very early, so OH fed, and took no picture.  They enjoyed 10 ounce portions of frozen beef lung.

Day three dinner-beef heart, goat green tripe, lamb spleen.  Approximately 12 ounce portion beef heart, 6 ounce portion goat green tripe, and 4 ounces lamb spleen.
Totals for Day Three-28 ounces meaty meat, 4 ounces (other) organ.

Day four breakfast-turkey hearts.  Approximately 8 ounces turkey hearts.

Day four dinner-chicken leg quarter, sheep liver.  Approximately 16 ounce chicken leg quarter, and 5 ounces sheep liver.
Totals for Day Four-17.6 ounces meaty meat, 6.4 ounces edible bone, 5 ounces liver

Totals for Days Three and Four-61 ounces total fed.  45.6 ounces meaty meat, 6.4 ounces edible bone, 9 ounces organ.  This breaks down to 75% meaty meat, 10.5% edible bone, and 14.5% organ.

Day five breakfast-beef heart.  Approximate 12 ounce chunk beef heart.

Day five dinner-pork heart chunks, lamb spleen.  16 ounces pork heart, 3 ounces lamb spleen.
Totals for Day Five-28 ounces meaty meat, 3 ounces (other) organ.

Day six breakfast-venison.  Approximately 16 ounce piece of venison.

Day six dinner-chicken leg quarter, sheep liver.  18 ounce chicken leg quarter (shown with bully stick flakes from this month's BarkBox) and 3 ounces sheep liver.
Totals for day six-26.8 ounces meaty meat, 7.2 ounces edible bone, 3 ounces liver.

Totals for Days Five and Six-68 ounces total fed.  54.8 ounces meaty meat, 7.2 ounces edible bone, 6 ounces organ.  This breaks down to 80.5% meaty meat, 10.5% edible bone, and 8% organs.

Weekly Totals-191 ounces total fed.  146.4 ounces meaty meat, 21.6 ounces edible bone, and 23 ounces organs.  This breaks down to 77% meaty meat, 11% edible bone, and 12% organ.

As I have mentioned before, I feel that large dogs are easier to feed raw to than smaller dogs, because one has a larger amount of wiggle room with dealing with percentages.  When I was first starting out, I measured EVERYTHING precisely.  I no longer weigh chicken quarters, knowing the ones I purchase always weigh 16-20 ounces each.  I can easily eyeball a 3-5 ounce serving of organ meat now, so I no longer weigh organs when portioning for individual freezing.  I will weigh whole beef hearts or other large chunks of meat, so that I know how many pieces to cut them in to. 

I am happy to answer any raw feeding questions I can, and there are a variety of websites and FaceBook pages that are super helpful.  Perhaps that will be an upcoming blog entry.


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