Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Photos

Our week in pictures.

Faolan doesn't need toys or chews. He'd rather nibble on my umbrella.

One of the beautiful dogs belonging to my awesome neighbors.

She's trying to glamour me into sharing my beer with her.

My handsome boys.

I often wonder what the cashier thinks when I go through the line with 10-40 lbs of chicken leg quarters.

A cute sticky made by another wolfdog person.

Wasting time on silly phone apps.

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  1. I wonder the same thing when I'm going through the checkout with 20lbs of chicken leg quarters and some liver thrown in for good measure. I'm waiting for someone to ask me what liver tastes like lol

  2. Oh, such beautiful Woofs!!! BOL
    I loves that sticker!
    And, I loves the Neeko Diva badge...I gots to get Ma to make me one...butts, Ma says I'm more a 'Princess' than a 'Diva', butts I likes Diva much betters!
    Ruby ♥


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