Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Recent Raw Meals

Ground venison, lamb spleen.

Chicken leg quarter, beef liver.

Sheep hearts.

Beef heart (with a thick fat cap), sheep liver.

Blue Ridge Beef ground green tripe.

Wild turkey leg quarter, beef liver.

Oxtail, venison, beef liver.

Turkey breast chunks.

Beef heart, ground venison, duck foot, lamb spleen.

Goat tripe.

Rabbit liver. Larger than I expected.

Chicken leg quarter, rabbit liver.

Pork hearts, lamb spleen.

Beef heart chunks.

Chicken leg quarter, sheep liver.

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  1. While I myself have been eating very well, I gotta say -- I miss handling and feeding raw meat to the dogs!!

  2. what a great healthy diet
    urban hounds

  3. That's impressive! Do they get some vegetables/bones mixed in there as well?

  4. I bet my dogs would love those meals. Spleen, blah. I'd love to see how they turn out dehydrated!


Thanks for the howls!!