Thursday, September 12, 2013

September Meat Order

I picked up my Raw Paws order this evening. RPI will be my primary source of raw meat to feed my dogs, as Rodney is no longer supplying.

I picked up a decent amount this evening from their new HQ in Castleton. Previous pick ups had been at the founder's house.

5 lbs beef lung. I will feed some, and dehydrate some for treats.

Three packages of rabbit liver, each weighing one pound. Hopeful that Neeko and Bruce will eat this, as they've refused rabbit meat in the past. It's a nice variety of organ.

More organ variety-lamb spleen. Each weighs two pounds.

Shown here is two packages of sheep heart. I ordered as a test, as weight was not listed. Each weighed one pound, so not worth future purchases. Also shown is 5 lbs of duck necks (the only duck Neeko seems to want to eat) and 5 lbs of pork liver.

Three rolls of Blue Ridge Beef green tripe, each weighing 2 lbs.

5 lbs of lamb liver. I ordered quite a bit of liver, and not much "other" organ this month.

40 lbs of boneless turkey breast chunks. These haven't been available for a few months, so I was excited to see them when ordering.

Last weekend, I picked up a 55 lb case of beef heart from a meat processor I had contacted. It was an excellent price, at 0.89 per lb. I'm still trying to decide if it was worth the 2.5 hour round trip.

As usual, I'm pleased with my meat purchases and variety. The woofers mostly eat chicken quarters for bone, so I'm excited to offer the duck necks. I'm excited to continue offering good organ (species) variety as well.

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