Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Photos

An oldie of Bruce and I.

Bruce LOVES Jolly Balls! We have three of them.

Neeko with a bully stick. Life is good.

Happy Bruce. Yet another Jolly Ball visible in the chair.

Attempting to get all three to pose on a narrow bench while on a walk.

Silly Faolan.

Beauty and the Beast.

A (professional) photo of Neeko.

A (professional) photo of Faolan.

Ornery turd...

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday and has a wonderful weekend!!
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  1. I like the three on the bench! Happy Friday!

  2. Somehow, my dogs destroy Jolly Balls in no time flat (they chew off the handle). I'm glad yours enjoy them so much! Love the photos.

  3. Amazing, they are really stunning and surely a joy to share the weekend ahead - lots of fun.


Thanks for the howls!!