Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Dogs are More Popular than Me

In a way.  Neeko and Bruce were on TV with Les two years ago, being interviewed for a local television show about pets at the 2011 Mutt Strut. 

Find more videos like this on Pet Pals TV

That local show is Pet Pals TV, and it is actually syndicated to a few other states.  It is hosted by two popular local news personalities, and airs weekly on Saturday mornings, on our local CBS affiliate.  Pet Pals TV has a Facebook page, and recently posted a picture of a Husky perched upon a CD tower.  I posted a picture of Faolan lounging on a freezer to their wall, and one of the hosts contacted me about it.  She is a contributor to the local news, and does a brief feature each Saturday morning on the news about pets, and wanted to use the picture of Faolan.  Of course I obliged. 

The video isn't the greatest quality, as I recorded the TV with my cell phone.

His name was pronounced correctly, but he was referred to as a "she." 

We won't tell him that, though.


  1. OMD! That is soooo cool!!! I can say,'I knew you when...' BOL
    Ruby ♥

  2. How fun! You must be so excited. :) I know the feeling. Rocco gets more mail than I do these days.


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