Saturday, November 2, 2013

October 2013 Expenses

Month six of tracking the expenses related to my rotten dogs.

October 2013 Expenses



Food was a few bags of chicken legs quarters, a few pork roasts (on sale at Marsh), and the turkey wings and chicken livers my awesome neighbors found on clearance for me at Kroger.

Health was Bruce's prescription, two doses of Trifexis for Faolan, and a bottle of human glucosamine pills for Neeko.

Treat expenses included the October Spoiled Rotten Dog Box, and a few bully sticks from Rural King.

Miscellaneous was a new Jolly Ball.  They didn't really need it, but I kind of considered it a birthday gift for Bruce and Faolan. 

This month was pretty inexpensive, which is nice every once in awhile.  No large food costs related to the awesome venison score.  I only purchased two month's worth of Trifexis for Faolan, so I will be buying it again in December.


  1. Treats are almost as much as food? I'm going to have to talk to my person. I think she needs to change her budget.

  2. It's nice to see the vet bills so low. It's amazing how much those fluctuate. When our departed girl, K, had cancer, I couldn't bear to look at how high they were. We're in a good phase now, like you.

  3. Not bad for 3 huge dogs! Honestly, I think I spend $30/month on Beamer. You'd think I spend way more because of all his toys, treats, and whatever else. I'm just good at finding bargains :)


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