Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Pet Carnivore Order

My Pet Carnivore is an Indianapolis-based raw food source, who prides themselves on their quality and variety.  I do not order from them as frequently as I would like, as they do carry excellent product, and the owners are beyond nice and extremely knowledgeable.  They donate monthly to various dog and cat rescue organizations, which I love them for.

Anyways, I placed a smallish order with them, and picked it up this week. 

Three containers of Ground Tripe Supermix, an all-time favorite in my house. 

The Green Tripe Supermix is a blend of green tripe, beef, beef bones, beef heart, beef liver, beef trachea, and beef gullet.  I really like that it is packaged in convenient deli containers that are easy to store, open, and serve from.

5 lbs of lamb hearts.  Not cheap, but not super expensive.  A nice way to add a bit of meaty-meat species variety.

Lamb liver chunks.  More organ variety!!

Goat lung and lamb lung chunks.  I will serve some of this as meaty-meat, and more than likely use some of it to make some homemade dehydrated treats.

Two containers of ground green tripe.  I like this slightly better than the tripe I get from Blue Ridge Beef through my coOp, as I feel it is better quality, and the deli containers are much easier to handle than the chubs.

I am always very happy with the meat I get from MPC, and this is no exception. 

With my next order, I am considering

Anybody else feed raw?  Where do you source your meat?  Do you have a loose or strict budget that you follow?


Thanks for the howls!!