Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pet Bloggers Gift Exchange-Heartprints Pets

An awesome blog I follow, Something Wagging This Way Comes is co-hosting a pet bloggers gift exchange this year.  I think this is a great way for others to discover new blogs.  I was paired with Heartprints Pets, a blog "Celebrating the creatures that leave their imprints on our hearts."

Lisa, the blogger, is a photographer who is very supportive of rescue and adoption, which means the world to me.  She blogs about these very things, along with books and reviews of various, relevant products.  She also went to BlogPaws this year, of which I am kind of jealous... : )

She shares stories and photos of the animals that have left imprints on her heart, and I am such a feel-good kind of person that I really enjoy reading them.

Some of my favorite blog posts:

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

How Did Dogs Become Our Best Friends?

Merry Christmas

Heartprints Pets has a Facebook page, and is also on Pinterest.

Some of my favorite pins of hers include:

Please head over to Heartprints Pets and check it out!!


  1. I have visited this blog several times before actually. She has one of my favorite birds - a pacific parrotlet.

  2. A blogging gift exchange sounds like fun! I am unfamiliar with her blog, but sounds like she's doing lots of good work. I will head over and check out her site.

  3. OMD! Those dog party snacks made me hungry!

    And isn't that tagline "Celebrating the creatures that leave their imprints on our hearts" absolutely perfect?

    Thanks so much for your lovely and gracious celebration of Heartprint Pets. You might want to send her a link to your post--not all blogs get automatic pingbacks.

    So glad you joined the Pet Blogger's Gift Exchange.

  4. Followed on pinterest and facebook thank you for the post, can't wait to learn more about Heartprints pets.

  5. Those bone breadsticks are too cute!

    Loved your post for the gift exchange and so glad you joined us!

  6. I love Lisa. We became friends at Blogpaws when we shared a room. She is best roomie ever. She didn't mind sharing her bed with a poodle. We were supposed to room for Barkworld but she had started a new job and wasn't able to come. Hopefully she will be able to attend this year.

  7. Very cute! Love those bone breadsticks! :)

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