Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dehydrated Homemade Lamb Lung Treats

This past weekend, I decided to bust out the dehydrator to make some more homemade dehydrated treats.  I really enjoy "making" my dogs food, and also treats for them, as I know exactly what goes in to them, and how they are made.

I started with some raw lamb lung from My Pet Carnivore.

dehydrated lung treats, homemade dog treats

Kind of a gross picture, but this is an entire lung set, trachea inclusive.

lamb lung, my pet carnivore

I used scissors to cut the lung into treat-sized pieces.  I only did two trays worth, and the rest of the lung was frozen to be fed raw.

At the start of dehydrating.

After five hours.  They were mostly dry, but still very soft.

homemade dog treats, dehydrating lung for dog treats, lamb lung

After eight hours.  They were completely dry, and fairly firm.

I ended up letting them dehydrate for 10 hours.  Most commercial dehydrated lung treats I have seen come out crisper/harder than the dehydrated beef lung treats I made, and I was aiming for that texture.

After 10 hours in the dehydrator.

A picture of Primal Venison Lung Puffs Treat for comparison.

My treat next to a Primal Treat.  The one I made is on the left.  The Primal treat is darker, and it appears a smaller grid dehydrator was used.  Other than that, not much difference.

Needless to say, these are being greatly enjoyed by my crew.

Neeko checking out a treat.

Bruce and Faolan waiting patiently for theirs.  I need to vacuum...

I paid $7.99 for the bag of Primal treats
at my local Pet Supplies Plus.  In comparison, I paid $7.50 for a three
pound bag of lamb liver from MPC, and used less than 1/3 of that
amount, and ended up with a larger quantity of treats than what came in
the Primal bag.  Essentially $2.50 and a little bit of time/effort
versus $7.99.  WIN.


  1. I have a food dehydrator which I've only used to make jerky for myself as well as to dehydrate fruit for myself. I've never tried to use it for pet treats. I should!

  2. Eady, and so much better for us since you know what is in them. We have to get Mom to get a dehhydrator and a jerky gun too.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Oh, I LOVES those!! I gets a piece of beef lung everyday for my special treat! This is a great idea! Ma pays 11 dollars for a 1 lb bag of the treaties, butts this looks better! Yummers!!
    Ruby ♥

  4. Wow! I bet those are super yummy! You sure have some lucky doggies!!!

  5. I cook those for the dogs too. That's what I add to their dog food to add taste. It's cheaper too. A kilo cost about a dollar. I'm not sure if the price has changed recently.

  6. I've thought about getting a dehydrator a lot, though I usually just do it in the oven on low and it seems to work fine so I don't know if I need to. I use the Merrick brand lamb lung treats and they look exactly like that so good job! I might have to order some lamb lung and do it myself. The only organ meat we can buy locally around here is liver and kidney and I do like to mix it up when I can.

  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this! We processed a lamb last night and I want to use everything - can't eat the lung with bits of trachea in there tho. Found that it makes good dog treats, but couldn't find a single recipe! Much appreciated - wish I could hook you up with some free lung. ;)

  8. Commercial beef or lung treats for dogs are cooked, not dehydrated raw. Your bag says right on it that they're dry roasted. That's going to make a difference in texture, color, and flavor, obviously.

  9. Commercial beef or lung treats for dogs are cooked, not dehydrated raw. Your bag says right on it that they're dry roasted. That's going to make a difference in texture, color, and flavor, obviously.

  10. My dog can't get enough of lung treats so why not make them last longer with the dehydrated version. You can vacuum pack them too. Btw, I too contribute to a blog and am always keeping an eye out for other well-written writers to maybe swap quality guest articles. Feel free to have a look at one of my newest dog reltaed blog articles here- what can dogs safely eat anyway and contact me if you're into the idea! Apologies if you don't, thankyou

  11. Dehydrating is great for the abundance of a backyard garden. metal dehydrator

  12. Can I feed my dog the cracklins that are left after rendering deer fat as a treat?


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