Monday, January 13, 2014

My Pet Carnivore Order

My friend, coworker, and fellow raw-feeder Michelle talked me into a My Pet Carnivore order.  I got off work an hour before she did today, so I was able to drive to their warehouse and back to our work by the time she got off.  She ordered some, I ordered some.

I have spoke of my love for them before, but in case you didn't know they are a locally (Indianapolis) based raw feeding company that delivers throughout the Midwest.  They also happen to be run by incredibly nice people.

Anyways, I caved in to Michelle's suggestion, because I can always use tripe, which I bought plenty of.

Five pounds of whole Whiting. I don't feed much fish, so this is a way to offer some variety.  Due to Neeko's texture issues, she will be fed these completely frozen.
my pet carnivore

Five containers of ground green beef tripe, each weighing two pounds.  These deli containers are easy to store and handle.  At 32 ounces, they make a decent sized breakfast when divided three ways amongst my crew. 
my pet carnivore dog food

Five containers of Ground Tripe SuperMix, an all time favorite here.  It consists of 50% green tripe, 40% beef muscle meat/bone/organ, and 10% trachea and gullet.  Like the tripe, these are great and easy to feed for breakfast, after I allow one to thaw in the sink overnight.

I also ordered two containers of Ground Lamb Supreme, for a bit of variety.  I did not receive these.  I noticed this when I arrived back at my workplace, and was separating my order from Michelle's.  I called MPC and reached Paul, one of the owners.  He knew why I was calling, and was getting ready to call me.  Talk about customer service!  I did not deal with him directly when picking up my order, but one of their employees, who did not know the Lamb blend was not in stock at the warehouse.  Paul gave me several options, and I opted for a coupon code in the amount I paid for the Lamb blend.  They are incredibly nice, and have amazing customer service!

If one feeds raw, and lives in Indiana or any of the surrounding states, I highly recommend My Pet Carnivore.


  1. Awesome! Sounds like a really great company to work with.

  2. I'm going to check them out! I haven't found a tripe connection other than freeze dried.

  3. I second Rebekah's recommendation of MyPetCarnivore. They sell strips of green tripe that my dogs ADORE. They also sell ground poultry that I feed mostly to the cats. (However, we recently brought in a small dog who had never eaten raw before, and he wasn't willing to take apart chicken backs at first, so we started him on the ground "cat food" for the first couple of meals.) Paul and Suzanne are always available for customer service, and their drivers bring the food right to my home, so it couldn't be more convenient!

  4. I have been feeding my moderately active senior Lab ground meat from MyPetCarnivore but it takes a lot of their food to keep him from losing weight. I get the course ground whole prey. So recently I decided to give him a lesser amount of store bought meat and I add some organ meat to it.

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