Thursday, February 20, 2014

About Green Tripe/My Pet Carnivore Order

I picked up a relatively simple order from My Pet Carnivore today.  MPC is an Indianapolis-based raw food provider, and as I have mentioned before, I am a huge fan of theirs.  They have delivery sites throughout the US, and will ship as well.

I picked up 15 lbs of lamb hearts, in 5 lb packages.  It is a nice source of meaty meat variety.
lamb hearts, my pet carnivore review

my pet carnivore review

I also picked up a case of ground green tripe, 12 containers, each weighing 2 lbs.
ordering from my pet carnivore

My pet carnivore green tripe, about green tripe

The green tripe is my favorite thing to order from MPC.  It is a good price, falling under my $2 per lb boneless meat budget.  These containers are perfect for breakfast, split three ways.  And my dogs LOVE tripe.  They go nuts for it.

About Green Tripe
Green tripe is the unbleached, lightly or not rinsed stomach of ruminating animals.  I have fed both beef and goat tripe in the past.  It differs from tripe found at the grocery store in that it is not bleached/disinfected, and not for human consumption.  Green tripe can typically only be sourced from raw pet food suppliers or small butchers/slaughterhouses.
Green tripe does not smell good.  Actually it smells like poop mixed with duct tape...have you ever smelled duct tape?  It has a very distinct smell.  This is probably the reason the vast majority of dogs love it so much.  As I mentioned my dogs go nuts for it.  Singing, dancing, barking, etc.

While I like to feed it, I am not one of those people who believe tripe is a miracle food.  There are a host of benefits associated with it, however.

  • It is acidic, which can aid in dental and digestive health.
  • When analyzed, it is shown to have a perfect calcium/phosphorus ratio of 1:1, which is extremely important for growing large breed puppies.  
  • It does contain good bacteria and digestive enzymes, which are also good for digestive health.
  • Dogs LOVE it.
As long as tripe is available to me, I will continue to feed it on a regular basis, as part of the variety-filled diet I like to offer my dogs.

I do recommend that anyone who is able to source green tripe get some for their dogs.  They will love you for it.

Dogs Naturally Magazine 
True Carnivores 


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  2. Hmmm let me see... Ox tripe? I think that costs about a dollar and a half here... or maybe 2 dollars... LOL. It's the same.

  3. Hi we have been feeding out dog raw food for a month or so . The other week we got a batch out of freezer and some are mixed with tripe. Well when this one has been defrosted and we went to feed the dog it stunk like rotting gone off meat I'm. Ow wondering if it was a tripe one

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