Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August 2014 Expenses

The first day of a new month has me calculating how much I spent on my dogs in the previous month.  Some months the numbers are low, others are a bit much.  Previous posts about expenses can give one an idea about how much it costs to care for three large breed dogs in the Midwest.

I do these posts for a few reasons.  I have seen a few other bloggers do them, and it is a good way for me to keep track and be accountable for dog related expenses.  Also, it is a fairly accurate example of the costs associated with caring for three large dogs.  Some argue that raw is expensive, but in my opinion and experience, it is no more expensive than feeding a good quality kibble.

August 2014 Expenses



Food expenses include a small RPI order, some turkey drums, chicken gizzards/hearts, chicken and chicken leg quarters from the grocery store.

Health always includes Bruce's prescription, but this month it also includes a bottle of Grizzly Pollock Oil, which we regularly use and love.

Treats is the cost of our PetBox, which we still haven't received...Grrrr.

The small amount for gear was the cost of an Easywalk harness, which we are giving another try.

Bam!  I love months like this, and they make up for the more exorbitant months which sometimes occur.


  1. A frugal one. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. That's not too bad of a month!! :D

  3. You are so organized...I should probably try this some month and just see.

  4. I keep saying to myself that I will do this. I think this month is the month. I really like this idea

  5. I haven't done it... if I do... LOL, I'd be devastated at the medical expenses we've accumulated.


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