Thursday, January 1, 2015

December 2014 Expenses

Happy 2015 all!!

It's the first of the month, and I have calculated my expenses for the previous month. Some months the numbers are low, others are a bit much.  Previous posts about expenses can give one an idea about how much it costs to care for three large dogs in the Midwest.

I do these posts for a few reasons.  I have seen a few other bloggers do them, and it is a good way for me to keep track and be accountable for dog related expenses.  Also, it is a fairly accurate example of the costs associated with caring for three large dogs.  Some argue that raw is expensive, but in my opinion and experience, it is no more expensive than feeding a good quality kibble.

December 2014 Expenses



Another nice month!  The bulk of my spending was on food, which still came in under budget.  I purchased some chicken, pork, and beef heart from the grocery store.  I bought some I and Love and You dehydrated raw, which proved to be a hit with my crew, and placed an order with Raw Paws, which I will receive next week.  The treat/toy expense was for the PetBox.  (Someone remind me to cancel it.)  Health expenses is the cost of Bruce's prescription, which doubled in cost, but is still absolutely worth it.

I am very pleased with this amount. 


  1. Good month! I did good, too - I think I spent $120!

  2. We had a good month too! I like those kinds of months because it means that no one got sick!

  3. No trips to the vet for us either, thank pugness!!!
    stella rose

  4. I gotta remember to save my receipts. How do you remember to keep track of all these expenses?

  5. Even though I do not feed raw, you've got me curious about calculating my expenses for Harley now. Thanks so much!

  6. Happy New Year to you.

    We feed three large dogs and a cat with quality food and no way do we spend that kind of money just on food per month. We are lucky because we have a pet food store that sells several varieties of good quality kibble at a nice discount.

  7. 1 large, 2 medium dogs here plus 1 cat,1 guinea pig and an aquarium of fish (which cost $12 to feed for 3 mths) and our food bill was higher than that. We have switched Jenny Sue , the diabetic spaniel to Natures Secret grain free wet food and our food bill tripled. Right now to feed everyone it cost an estimate of $325 a month and that is with no toys or vet care added in.

  8. Oh man....Ma doesn't even want to THINK how much she spent on me last month!!! BOL (and please to make her...I don't want to to 'cut back' on my treatie supply! ☺)
    Ruby ♥


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