Friday, March 20, 2015

Recent Raw Meals

After the break are photos and examples of raw meals for dogs.  I feed mostly prey model raw, but do occasionally use some dehydrated raw and premade raw.

These are just a few photos of some of my dogs' meals over the last two weeks, in no particular order.

My crew mostly eats the same meals as each other, with the same portion sizes.
I feed as much cut and protein variety as possible.

For additional photos of raw meals for dogs, click HERE.

Useful links:

How **I** Feed Raw

Raw Feeding Resources

Chicken leg quarter, sheep liver, pork kidney.
I was very low on the planned dehydrated raw for breakfast, so the dogs also split a can of Evangers I received in a subscription box.

Venison ribs, egg.

I and Love and You dehydrated raw.

Boneless beef.

Lamb hearts, egg.

Chicken leg quarter, beef liver.

Lamb hearts, lamb spleen.

Boneless beef, lamb spleen.

Lamb hearts, beef kidney.

Green beef tripe.

Bison tripe/gullet/lung mix.


  1. We always marvel at how lucky your dogs are with their meals. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly.

  2. That looks delicious :) Milo & Jet

  3. My dogs would run away to live with you if they knew where you lived.

  4. I have an opportunity to buy gullet, but I don't really know what it is so I'm doing some research today :)

  5. You do such an awesome job with raw. I envy you!


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