Friday, August 21, 2015

Recent Raw Meals

After the break is a sampling of my dogs' meals over the last couple weeks.  My dogs eat twice daily, with breakfast typically being a smaller meal.  They eat the same foods with the same portion sizes most of the time.

I feed mostly prey model raw, and throw in some dehydrated/freeze-dried and commercial frozen raw on occasion.

Click HERE for more examples of raw meals.

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Chicken leg quarter, lamb liver, coconut oil.

Beef tongue.  The food that tastes you back.

Turkey hearts.

Whole frozen bluegill. 

Chicken leg quarter, egg.

Beef chunks.

Chicken thighs.

Because I like to live dangerously, a huge chunk of beef liver.

Chicken leg quarter, venison liver, egg.

More beef chunks.

Pork heart chunks.

Ground green tripe, turkey hearts.

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