Thursday, September 3, 2015

August 2015 Expenses

This post is a couple days late.

Canine-related expenditures for the month of August.



This month's total was a bit higher than normal, due to health-related expenses.  Both Neeko and Faolan had wellness visits this month, and there is the always present cost of Bruce's prescription.

Food expenses included an order from a raw food supplier, some I and Love and You dehydrated raw, and chicken leg quarters from the grocery store.

Treat expenses were some cookies from a local boutique/bakery, and a three pack of bully sticks.

Grooming was the cost of a DIY dog wash for Neeko.

Exclude the additional costs from two vet visits, and this was a nice, typical month.


  1. I always cringe when it's wellness month!

  2. I'm going to have bloodwork done on the dogs and I need to find the cost so I can figure out when I need to add it to our budget. Not looking forward to the cost, but I'm looking forward to what I learn.

  3. Thanks for doing these - I don't have dogs of my own, but if (when ^_^) I do I'd find this really helpful!


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