Monday, October 12, 2015

Recent Raw Meals

After the break is a sampling of my dogs' raw meals over the last two or so weeks.  I feed three large dogs a mostly prey model diet, with some exceptions, as seen in the photos.  My dogs eat approximately six pounds daily combined, some days a bit more, some days a bit less.

I try to feed as much variety as possible, while staying within budget.

My dogs eat twice daily.  Breakfast is typically a smaller meal, and nearly always boneless.

Goat tongue.

Chicken leg quarter, cottage cheese.

Beef heart, goat liver.

Goat tongue, again.

Ground complete lamb.  

Beef heart.

Chicken leg quarter, goat liver.

Beef heart, beef kidney.

Ground green beef tripe.

Pork loin.

More pork loin.


Thanks for the howls!!