Sunday, November 15, 2015

Black & White Sunday


By this time the last three years, there has already been at least one snowfall here.  No such luck yet this year.  High of 62 F today, and sunshine.

I took this turd to the Great Indy Pet Expo yesterday.  We had a great time, he drew quite the crowd, and came home exhausted.

After he and I left, a wonderful friend of mine, who is director of animal welfare for a nearby county, called me.  The executive director of Indigo Mountain Nature Center will be in central Indiana for a seminar at Wolf Park, and will be staying with my friend.  She wants us to get together for dinner.

Indigo Mountain is a sanctuary in Colorado for bears, wolfdogs, and cats, and provides educational outreach as well.  I'm pretty excited.


  1. That seminar sounds so interesting! Can't wait for your blog post about it! :) And hope you've had a nice birthday weekend so far!

  2. He is so gorgeous! That's awesome you guys had a good time at Pet Expo! The last time we were at Pet Expo it was such a cluster... They only held it for one day instead of two and everyone was there. It was a little stressful!

  3. How cool! I love this boy. Seriously, he is beyond stunning.

  4. 60's is a great weather ... maybe it will be a warmer Midwest Winter. Golden Woofs

  5. I would love having 60 degree weather during the day! How cool that you will get to meet up with the sanctuary director! Great photo today!

  6. Sounds great! Hope it is everything you hope for and more!


Thanks for the howls!!