Monday, November 2, 2015

October 2015 Expenses

I set and attempt to follow a budget, with both dog and non dog related expenses.  Sometimes I hit at or below it, other times I am way off.  I use a simple budgeting app on my phone that allows me to categorize and track all of my expenses and earnings.

Tracking my dog-related expenses not only keeps me accountable, but also helps me identify trends and patterns related to them.

Food is my single largest expenditure, nearly every single month.  Many argue that feeding a raw diet is much more expensive than feeding kibble, but I will eagerly argue that.  If my dogs were fed kibble, I would likely feed something along the lines of Instinct, Orijen, or Acana.  Large bags of these foods run anywhere from $60 to $100+.  I would go through at least three large bags of kibble per month.  So I budget myself $300 per month for raw dog food, and fall short of this nearly every month.

There are random treat, gear, grooming, health, and miscellaneous expenses, and the monthly cost of Bruce's prescription.

October 2015 Expenses



Not a bad month at all.  As usual, food made up the majority of the cost.  I made a trip to My Pet Carnivore and bought some chicken leg quarters and pork loin at the grocery store.  A friend did a freezer clean-out last month, and gifted my dogs with some beef, fish, and pork.  I also made a turkey order, which I will pick up next week.

The only treats I bought last month was a five-pack of 12" I and Love and You bully sticks that were on closeout at Fresh Thyme.

The health expense was (of course) big boy's medication.

Do you have a monthly dog budget?


  1. I suspect that if your food costs went down, your vet bills would go way up. Not that I'm recommending you test that theory. :)

  2. I don't have a dog, but if I did, having a dog budget sounds like a good plan!

    Your monthly subscriptions (BarkBox etc) are in there too, right?

  3. Hmmm - that's interesting. Can I ask what App you use?

    Monty and Harlow

  4. A good month indeed. I would love to try a budget but I know I would blow it. I'm not good with restraint on buying things.


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