Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November 2015 Expenses

Holy crap.  It's the first of December.  How did that happen??

Anyways, I've calculated my dog-related expenses for the previous month.

Last month may have been my most inexpensive month ever.  I am shocked, but pleased.





Food expenses was the cost of some chicken and pork from the grocery store.  I got really lucky, and happened upon several hundred pounds of venison, so my food expenses will be low the next couple of months.  It's good to know people.

I purchased another 5-pack of 12" I and Love and You bully sticks, which is the treat expenses.

And of course the health expense is the cost of Bruce's prescription.

Next month I plan on tallying up yearly expenses.  I might be in for a bit of a shock.


  1. I'm really impressed by your food bill this month. Good for you.

    I have friends who salvage road kill deer (only when freshly killed) for their freezer. Is that an option for feeding raw? Or would you be worried about toxins since you wouldn't be cooking the meat?

  2. Great month! And I'm terrified to calculate the yearly costs, especially since Roxie came home. :p


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