Saturday, January 2, 2016

December 2015 Expenses

Dog-related expenses for the final month of 2015.  I will do a yearly expenses post in the next week or so. 

Last month was crazy inexpensive, mostly because of the large amount of turkey and venison I received in November.  Not a typical month at all. 

December 2015 Expenses



Wow.  Kind of stunned, quite happy.  The only food purchases last month were three bags of chicken leg quarters from the grocery store.  Health was the cost of Bruce's prescription, as usual.  I purchased (another) package of I and Love and You bully sticks on closeout at Fresh Thyme Market. 

I probably won't be so happy when I do the full year expenses report.

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  1. Fantastic month! I'm dreading doing the year recap, too, haha.


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