Monday, February 1, 2016

January 2016 Expenses

It's February 1st, and time for me to calculate dog- related expenses for the previous month.

My spending on dogs has been down the last few months, due mostly to decreased food costs.  This is largely in part because of the large amount of turkey and deer I purchased late fall/early winter.

January 2016 Expenses



Another inexpensive months.  As always, food made up the majority of expenses.  I purchased some ground green tripe from a supplier, and some pork roasts and chicken leg quarters from the grocery store.  Treat expenses was a 5-pack of bully sticks, and the lone health expense was the cost of Bruce's prescription.  I also had to purchase a new poop scoop, which I filed under miscellaneous.

February expenses should prove to be more, as Bruce will be having his wellness exam and bloodwork, and I will be needing to purchase some bulk food soon.


Thanks for the howls!!