Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Rotten Cats: Wellness Morsels Review #ChewyInfluencer

I am a huge proponent of wet food in a cat's diet, because cats lack a strong natural thirst mechanism.  They are meant to consume moisture in their food.  My girls refuse to eat most of the raw I offer them, so I make a point of feeding them wet food every evening.

The lovely folks at sent them some Wellness Morsels to try out.

Juice and Noelle are wet food connoisseurs. Noelle has on more than one occasion turned her nose up at wet foods, and some (unfortunately) make Juice puke.  So I am choosy about what wet foods I will offer them. Grain-free is a must, as are quality protein sources.

The Wellness Morsels they were sent have chicken, turkey, and duck as the first ingredients after the moisture sources.  I find this impressive.  Three named protein sources!

These can be fed alone, as they are a complete diet.  Or, if you are like me, you can feed them in addition to dry food and raw, to save a little cash while still offering your cats a good source of moisture in their diet.

My girls are loving these! 

Watching my cats eat cracks me up.  They half purr, half growl, and breathe heavy while devouring them.  I interpret this as enjoyment.  After three weeks of enjoying Wellness Morsels each evening, there has been no puking, and no stinky litterbox issues.

These get 8 paws up from Juice and Noelle.

I was provided with complimentary product.  All opinions are my own.


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