Friday, May 20, 2016

Recent Raw Meals

Some of my dogs' raw meals over the last few weeks.  I do not feed each meal as a balanced meal, instead believing in balance over time, usually weekly.  I feed a combination of bone-in and boneless meals, though some dogs require bone in all meals. 

Warning-photos of raw meals for dogs after the break!

Ground green tripe, lamb kidney.

Beef "dog food" from a local butcher, Proper Toppers from THK.

Pork sirloin roast.

Beef "dog food." (Ground lung, trim, liver, spleen, heart, etc.)

Pork heart.

Ground lamb.

Chicken hearts and gizzards, pork liver.

Chicken gizzards and hearts, duck egg.

Chunk o' green tripe.

Frozen whiting, lamb kidney.


  1. What is a whiting, where do you get lamb, and where do you get duck eggs?

  2. Oh man, that looks soooo good! Too bad it would cost an arm and a chicken leg to feed me that here! Maybe my itchy skin would clear up once and for all!
    Good eats guys!
    Ruby ♥

  3. Lol, I just had the same question as Kimberly's first one: what's a whiting? A fish maybe?


Thanks for the howls!!