Saturday, June 11, 2016

Recent Raw Meals

After the break are photos of some of my dogs meals over the last few weeks.  These photos are just a sample, and by no means conclusive.  I try to offer my dogs as many different proteins and cuts as I can source and afford.  I believe in balance over time, and feed a mostly PMR diet, with some dehydrated, premade, and ground meats thrown in.

WARNING - photos of raw dog food after the break.

Embark dehydrated food from The Honest Kitchen.  It only slightly look like vomit.

Beef heart, duck neck.

Ground green tripe.

Pork heart chunks.

Beef heart, goat kidney.

Ground green tripe, lamb liver.

Half a chicken.

More vomit Embark.

Ground lamb, Primal Sardine and Turkey patty.

Ground beef, goat kidney.

Turkey hearts, egg.

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