Thursday, September 1, 2016

August 2016 Expenses

It's September!  The first day of Fall is three weeks away! (It's pretty apparent that I am over summer...)

This month was ridiculously inexpensive, even more so than last month.

I track my dog-related expenses for a variety of reasons, but mostly to hold myself accountable. I also do for future budgeting, and to give folks an idea of what it costs to raise large, raw-fed dogs in the Midwest.

August 2016 Expenses


Total - $119.45

I spent a little over $100 on my dogs last month. Success.  Next month will be more expensive, as my freezer is nearly barren.

The food that I purchased this month was some chicken leg quarters from the grocery store, and "dog food" (ground beef lung, spleen, liver, trim) from a local butcher. I also bought two four pound boxes of The Honest Kitchen from Pet Supplies Plus, as they were on sale for over 50% off.

The lone health expense was, of course, Bruce's prescription.

Money spent on grooming went to a DIY dog wash for Neeko yesterday.

For treats, I purchased a bag of dehydrated trachea pieces.  All the dogs love.

Once again, I am very pleased with how little I spent last month. September will definitely be more expensive.


  1. What a great month! I'm so over summer, too!

  2. We never have such easy months but kudos to you! We are never over summer up here at 8,000' in the mountains. It usually snows for the 1st time in September, and we yearn for summer to return!


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