Monday, September 26, 2016

It's Not the Size of the Dog in the Fight

I often get asked about the size of my dogs. Or why I refer to Faolan as "little boy" when he is considered a large dog.

The rundown:
Neeko is 31" at the shoulders, and about 94 lbs.
Bruce is 30" at t he shoulders, and about 95 lbs.
Faolan is 27" at the shoulders, and about 65 lbs.

It is difficult to get photos of the three of them together in the same position on a level surface, but this one works well to give one a visual of their sizes in relation to one another.

The princess is big and tall, and much leaner than this photo gives her credit for. Her fluff adds weight. But she is fairly delicate, and quite sensitive.  She can also squeeze herself into the smallest possible spot on the couch.

Bruce is big and strong. Solid muscle. Typical bull in a china shop.

Faolan is "little." He is lean and lithe, with good balance. He is very sweet.  But he is also a scrapper, and doesn't give up easily. This dog has a lot of heart, which I admire in any creature. I have called him pushy on more than one occasion. Though Bruce is 'bigger' and outweighs him by about 30 lbs, he does not bully him. There is a mutual respect between the two.

My neighbors' Pug regularly runs off a (friendly) Black Lab that runs loose, and is at least six times his size. He's a tough little guy.

It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.


  1. Wow, I always thought Bruce was the biggest! The princess always looks so dainty. <3

    I so agree with you about the size thing. Nola is 10lbs, but she's pure fire. She routinely plays with with my parents' 1yo Mastiff (120lb and 30" tall), and she is the boss. Same in my house, even thought Layla's nearly 40lb already. Layla is such a softie, where Nola is hard as nails.

  2. All three of your pups are beautiful! Your calling Faolan your "little boy" sounds familiar. I call my pup Buzz who is now 70 lb "my little puppy boy". Probably because he's been with me since he was 8 weeks old and weighed 10 lb back then ;-)

  3. I'm not familiar with your dogs yet; just that they're your dogs. From left to right, what are their names? Is your list above the hint? Thanks!

  4. It's so cool to see them all together!


Thanks for the howls!!